Lone Tiger Art by Kritika Bala
I have always loved the big cats and nature. I love being outdoors in the company of the sun and wind and trees, I find that Mother Nature really moves me. It was an obvious choice to use my artistic abilities to give back to that which inspires me the most. Lone Tiger aims to help protect the environment through art by spreading the word about existing conservation efforts and fundraising for them. This is my drop of colour in the giant ocean of conservation.

Pet Project

Lone Tiger Art Kritika BalaI like to paint portraits, and I love cats and dogs (and birds and squirrels and… you know..). It makes perfect sense to me that I should paint portraits of animals, and use proceeds from that to support our local animal shelters. Click to read how to have a portrait of your pet made.

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Commissions and Sales

Faraway DreamsIt gives me immense pleasure to be able to ‘use’ my hobby to support something I truly believe in : protecting our planet and her natural resources. Proceeds from all sales and commissions are donated to either wildlife or environment protection groups, or to animal welfare charities. Click to read how this works.

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New Artwork | July 2017

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Faraway Dreams - Commissions and Sales Mallard Female - Plumage Johnny Cash Bridge - Plein Air Painting Spring Blooms - Plein Air Painting

Artwork Galleries

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Evensong (Acrylics/Oils 24"x20") Lone Tiger Art Kritika Bala Untitled (Acrylics 30"x30") In My Brother's Arms

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We are truly blessed to be this close to so much wildlife right at home. Here’s to my friends the birds – innocent, wise, strong and free. "Plumage"

Lone Tiger Art


April-June 2017
Artwork on display at Intel Folsom

May 21 and 22, 2016
El Dorado Hills/Folsom Spring 2016 Studio Art Tour - #5 on the Tour Map
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I cannot believe it is time for another year-end report. This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Click to read about 2015; it was an eventful year!


Style Magazine Folsom/EDH
"Painting it Forward" August 2014 * Click to read

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