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Lone Tiger Art by Kritika Bala

I am an artist trapped in an engineer’s body with an environmentalist’s brain. The artist wants out. The environmentalist is going to tag along for the ride.

Was that weird enough to get you to keep reading?

I was born an environmentalist in India. The engineering destination was inevitable once medicine was ruled out as a career choice. The artist happened along the way when music lessons and badminton drills didn’t seem to stick as well as the art lessons did.

All three personalities stuck it out through 5 long years earning a Master’s in engineering. The three moved to California. The artist went back to messing with paint and stuff. The environmentalist took over vacation planning and dragged the trio to all sorts of natural and wild lands around the United States. The engineer spent spare time volunteering at a local animal rescue place.

Together they rediscovered a long standing passion for wildlife and environment conservation and decided to do something with it. The result is called Lone Tiger. It is an attempt to raise funds for conservation efforts through art. The idea is to donate the proceeds from all art commissions and sales to animal welfare, wildlife or environment conservation efforts.

The artist is happy to be painting away while making a positive difference to the environment and her planet. The environmentalist really wants to help ensure that future generations get to enjoy our natural spaces and wildlife as we have it today. The engineer just wants to leave the planet in a better state than she inherited it.

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Lone Tiger Art

Kritika Bala

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Lone Tiger Art


We are truly blessed to be this close to so much wildlife right at home. Here’s to my friends the birds – innocent, wise, strong and free. "Plumage"

Lone Tiger Art


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